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Latest News

Works4U underwent a Matrix Inspection on the 22nd and 23rd March 2010 and successfully passed! Several comments made by the Matrix Assessor include the following:

"Works 4 U provides highly specialised IAG [Information and Guidance] and related services in a totally client focussed way. The premises are well used and the atmosphere is one that nurtures and inspires staff, visitors and clients."

"Works 4 U are renowned for their successes with really hard to reach and hard to help people."

We are very pleased to announce that we have obtained premises in Salford and they have now opened as a new Works4U office! The office was opened after the Easter Break 2010 and is successfully up and running.

11 young people and 3 members of staff attended a very successful Army Awareness Day
on the 22nd February 2010. The young people thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities available, which included simulated shooting and bomb diffusing, sampling emergency food packs and career advice. A number of them have indicated an interest in a career in the Army. The day was organised by two students from Salford University on work experience placements Ursula and Jodie who, incidently, also enjoyed the activities.

A group of young people from the Cromwell Special School in Tameside, which
provides for young people with severe learning difficulties, participated in a 6-week Construction Skills Programme. The programme was based at the Stalybridge office in February/ April 2010. The young people thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to try their
skills in carpentry, plastering and bricklaying and at the end of each working day, it
proved to be a major task in getting them to stop working!



J was referred to us by a school in Stockport in November 2008. At the time he was a year 10 pupil who did not enjoy School which was impacting on his attendance and behaviour. His head of year requested that we help J to find a suitable work placement which he can attend a few days a week, as an alternative to school as J was running the risk of exclusion.
From the first time we met J he showed a passion for bikes and motor bikes, and he was really keen to carry out his work placement within a motorcycle garage. We found J a work placement at a garage in Stockport and arranged an interview. J was very pleased with the thought of working with Bikes and he conducted himself very maturely in the interview. G, the owner/manager of the garage agreed to let J work 2 days a week within his garage, J was over the moon with this.
J quickly settled into his placement, and he picked up new skills really quickly. His attendance has always been 100% and he puts in 100% effort each time he attends. J even works at the garage on Saturday's and all through the school holidays! As J showed such effort and commitment, we asked school if they would be prepared to sign J up for a Level 1 motorcycle course at Stockport College 1 morning a week, so that he can learn new skills and put them into practice at his work placement.
School agreed to this and so in September 2009, when J started year 11, he has been attending both college and work placement. He is excelling at both, and he has matured into a sensible, hard working young man.
G has offered J the chance to start an apprenticeship at the garage as soon as he leaves school. J is really happy that he now has something to look forward to and that he can work towards his goal of becoming a fully qualified motorcycle mechanic. School are also pleased that J has had the chance to turn himself around and make something positive out of an opportunity that has been offered to him.


R is 17 and from Stockport, he was referred to us by Stockport Connexions. The  main reason for his referral was to give R the chance to gain some experience and build his confidence and motivation.
Prior to being referred R was under the NEET category, he was at home every day feeling bored and frustrated.
R came to the office and through discussion it became clear that R would like a mechanics placement. We rang a placement that had been used previously, which was a lawnmowers service in Stockport. It is a small workshop run by S, he specialises in the mechanics of petrol lawnmowers and other petrol gardening tools he agreed to take R on a work placement for 2 days a week.
R started his placement and after just a few short weeks he commented that he was really enjoying his time there. S was also happy with R's progress.  We liased with R's Connexions advisor K, and kept him updated on R's progress. K was really pleased with our weekly updates.
We conducted fortnightly placement visits, and R came to the Works4U office to complete his AQA file. Through these meetings with R, we could tell that his confidence had soared and he was becoming more motivated. R then asked if he could attend college to do a mechanics course as he had realised that he would like a career within mechanics. But as R did not want to attend College full time, he was interested in maybe doing an apprenticeship. We informed K of this and he said he would arrange for R to apply for College.
We then asked S at the lawnmowers if he would be happy to have R on an apprenticeship, and he said he would be more than happy for R to do his apprenticeship with him. Once we informed R and K of this, the college and apprenticeship were set up within 4 weeks and R is now well on his way to achieving his goal of becoming a qualified mechanic.


J started with Works4U on 01/12/08 till June ’10. He came to Works4U due to not being fully integrated in mainstream education. J's referral programme was a Construction Course Diploma at Level 1, Key Skills in English and Maths, and work experience with an employer.

Since J has started with Works4U, he has gone from strength to strength, as he works well with all his peers and has gained lots of self esteem in all areas. J has been attending placement at Ground Works with Oldham Council for several months, as an assistant trainee landscape gardener. J has progressed in his working skills; he achieves all tasks given and has a good working relationship with all staff including the park bowling members. J is hoping to go to college to do a landscape course with a view to an apprenticeship with his work placement. Qualifications gained are Entry Level 3 in Numeracy, Entry Level 2 in Literacy and 4 Units of AQA Awards.


L started with Works4U on 20/02/09 till 12/05/09. He was referred to Works4U by Connexions. L was on a NEET programme to gain work experience and improve his life skills with an employer. When L started with Works4U, he needed to build confidence, especially in the working environment.

L wanted his work experience in the elderly care sector, as he eventually wanted to train as a carer for elderly people. L started placement at a care home and continued gaining confidence and good working skills. L started to build up a good working relation with all staff and continued to develop good interaction skills with residents. L continued to progress in all areas in his work placement and by the end of his NEET programme, he stayed on at the care home to gain further qualifications in the elderly care sector.
Qualifications gained are 4 Units of AQA Awards.

Student M is in the Construction field. He was a self-employed joiner with an NVQ Level 2. He saw an advert for Train to Gain where he realised he could gain an NVQ Level 3 whilst carrying on with his daily duties, with an assessor going to visit him on-site whilst still working.

He now works at Works4U instructing young learners in joinery and is currently working towards his A1 Award. He is very happy because he successfully completed his Level 3 award very quickly and efficiently.

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